Redbeard's Journal

Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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Halloween? Already? I haven't begun to think about it. You're giving me hives!!!!

I'm the best we've got in the house as far as sewing goes, so I have to think ahead. Yeah, there's a danger of a sudden growth spurt (or in the case of our oldest, a sudden spurt towards womanhood with a sudden flaring of the hips and other stuff) but I'll take the risk.

Will you be sewing these costumes? I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out. :)

I'm planning on sewing them. It'll be good practice for me, and to be honest it'd be cheaper than buying anything halfway decent.

Ahh yeah, costuming. I do hope you let the kids do a little bit of the construction. Sewing is a very useful skill to have.

They look at it as another power tool. I think I can convince them to get involved.

It is just another type of construction, except with non-ridged materials.

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