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Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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You'll have to get one of those magnifying lights for crafts and fine work.

Sympathies though. I have noticed I'm starting to do the trombone thing too and I expect glasses will be in my future before long. As it turns out, both my kids have bifocals. So there you go.

Even now, I can take off my glasses at night and just read without issue. But yeah, I guess the magnifying lights are going to be needed in the future. Motherboards and fine circuit boards are out of the question, but regular size (read: larger) circuit boards I ought to be able to work. Sucks about the Kindle, though.

I have a friend who's 80. She tells me aging is just a process of acceptance. After all, you have no choice. :)


I hope that I get a chance to cross a few more things off of my to-do list before I become incapable of doing them. :-)

I've got rheumatoid arthritis now, and as a side effect of keeping it in check I'm suddenly in the best shape I've been in for my entire life. Part of being a weakling was realizing that I couldn't muscle through every problem, so I built tools to help. And I keep my eyes out for better tools all the time, because I never know what new hobby I may pick up next.

I've seen Warhammer model builders and painters do amazing work with these mounted magnifying glasses:

If that's not big enough, try this:

The fastest way to loose a skill is to be convinced you can't do it. Don't say you can't do something, tell yourself you need to find the right tools or setup to work around the problem, and the answers start appearing.

*hugs* Good luck!

While the first one had a lot of advantages, that integrated light on the second looks great.

Thanks for the ideas, Anakin.

*hugs* I almost flunked out of college because I wasn't making things and bleeding off excess creative energy. I don;t want to see anyone loose their spark.

I hear you. My eyes have been going all wonky. So bad I have to have two sets of prescription lenses; one for reading and another for driving.

One thing I've found that helped for me when I wore the contacts and the 'regular old person vision' drove me crazy, was to get one of those cheap reading glasses at a far higher power than you need. The extra crisp micro-vision was back. I gave away the 1.0, I was told were best for me and went with 2.0. (Why did I want to be normal? I was never normal before. =)

I may have to consider that as a solution. Simply overcorrect for very close in work.

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