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Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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You'll have to get one of those magnifying lights for crafts and fine work.

Sympathies though. I have noticed I'm starting to do the trombone thing too and I expect glasses will be in my future before long. As it turns out, both my kids have bifocals. So there you go.

Even now, I can take off my glasses at night and just read without issue. But yeah, I guess the magnifying lights are going to be needed in the future. Motherboards and fine circuit boards are out of the question, but regular size (read: larger) circuit boards I ought to be able to work. Sucks about the Kindle, though.

I have a friend who's 80. She tells me aging is just a process of acceptance. After all, you have no choice. :)


I hope that I get a chance to cross a few more things off of my to-do list before I become incapable of doing them. :-)

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While the first one had a lot of advantages, that integrated light on the second looks great.

Thanks for the ideas, Anakin.

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I hear you. My eyes have been going all wonky. So bad I have to have two sets of prescription lenses; one for reading and another for driving.

One thing I've found that helped for me when I wore the contacts and the 'regular old person vision' drove me crazy, was to get one of those cheap reading glasses at a far higher power than you need. The extra crisp micro-vision was back. I gave away the 1.0, I was told were best for me and went with 2.0. (Why did I want to be normal? I was never normal before. =)

I may have to consider that as a solution. Simply overcorrect for very close in work.

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