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Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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Good answer!

I also like to learn about history to understand why things are so f'ed up now. Like how my generation needs a college degree for entry-level jobs: lots of kids dodged the Vietnam draft by going to college, so college became a standard requirement for employment, not just something for smart and/or wealthy people.

Don't forget the G.I. Bill from World War II. It allowed a lot of people to get college degrees who would ordinarily have been unable to afford it.

I never understand how people can't love history. Sure there's the boring memorization of dates, but then there's other stuff that's just fascinating.

For example just finished up "A Being So Gentle" about Rachel and Andrew Jackson which taught me things outside the "Andrew Jackson bad man for Trail of Tears" to omygosh, he had a Creek adopted son? Which leads to a great big "huh?". And wow, people talk about the 2001 election being stolen, wow, the 1824 one was a travesty. Which just goes to show some things never really change.

History is filled with complex stuff, that's for certain.

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