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On Spring and Pollen
ghost of redbeard
Allergies have really hit like a ton of bricks the past few days.

I've been okay, for the most part, although there were a few terrifying moments when I was driving to pick up one kid with the other two in tow and my eyes suddenly got too itchy to see through.  I haven't had something like that happen in like, well, forever and a day, but I managed to muddle through the sudden attack.

The kids and the wife, however, have taken to popping Zyrtec like it was candy.  And I'm sure this will go on throughout April, at least until the sudden pollen explosion fades.

The weather has been nice, but I still think we're gonna pay for this later in the summer.

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Wow--not THAT'S an allergy! Whew.

April can be a tough month - I hope it isn't too bad!

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