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Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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ghost of redbeard
Now I get to hear from arrogant, smarmy Wildcat fans for the next year about how awesome UK is.

Never mind that their coach made a mockery of the concept of "student athelete" with his collection of one-and-done players, who I'd be surprised if they had a class more difficult than Speech 101.

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Uh...were you seriously up at 3:00 AM?

Yep. Laura has been working the graveyard shift while her store is converted into one of those hybrid stores that serves fresh food as well as regular stuff, so she's been getting up at 2:40 or so to get out the door at 3:40.

I've been getting up to help her, and then I go back to sleep until 6. (Theoretically.)

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