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Event Alert!
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For those of you within driving distance of the setting of The Hollows, local independent Joseph-Beth presents....

discussing and signing

Pale Demon
Friday, February 25 at 7:00 PM

To save her life, bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan must overturn a death sentence, outwit a demon assassin, and endure a cross-country drive with a vampire, an elf, and a play in this latest adventure in the NY Times bestselling Cincinnati based Hollows series. Ending with hints of some major character developments and changes in Rachel’s life, this is an excellent entry that is guaranteed to satisfy Harrison’s legion of followers.
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Watch Kim Harrison's book signing live through Joseph-Beth's webcast

One of these days I ought to get around to reading Kim's Hollows series.  Oh look, I just finished Hoot by Carl Hiaasen....

(NOTE:  This entry was obtained from the "Don't miss these events at Joseph-Beth Booksellers" e-mail.  You can visit for other event listings.)

Upcoming Artwork
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Kristen Britain posted the cover art for the upcoming release of her next Green Rider book, Blackveil, along with the new UK cover art for First Rider's Call and The High King's Tomb.

Fun with Covers

The release time frame for Blackveil is February 1, 2011.
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Upcoming Events
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At our local major independent, Joseph-Beth, here's a few items of interest:

discussing and signing

Thursday, October 28 at 7 PM

Welcome back Ryan with another outrageously wonderful scary Haiku which is just in time for Halloween. Always a favorite. These pages contain the heartbreaking story of a repressed man who slowly loses control of his inner beast after he's bitten by a werewolf. As he wrestles with the monster inside, he chronicles his feelings and urges in a haiku journal. The resulting poems are gross, strange, dark and hilarious. Together, they tell the story of a mailman who is in love with a woman on his route, but has never had the courage to tell her. As the beast comes out, wreaking havoc on his life, the man learns that his werewolf side might actually be able to help him in his quest for love. Ryan Mecum is the author of Zombie Haiku. He lives with his wife and daughter in Cincinnati and is constantly thinking of phrases that fit the 5-7-5 haiku syllable structure.

NY Times Bestselling Science Fiction Writer
discussing and signing

Wednesday, November 3 at 7 PM

(Hmmm....  I wonder if Brandon would sign Elantris or the Mistborn trilogy instead.)

Happy Release Day!
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Congrats go out to Benjamin Tate, whose debut novel Well of Sorrows escapes today!


Not Sure How I Missed This
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Anyway, today at the Cincinnati Area Joseph-Beth Pat Rothfuss will be signing The Name of the Wind.

If you're out and about for St. Patty's Day and are wondering what to do around 2 PM, here's your chance to go say hello to Pat.


Upcoming Kim Harrison Signing
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I know that some of the people who read my LJ are Urban Fantasy fans, and I just wanted to pass along that on Wednesday, February 24th, Kim Harrison will be at the Cincinnati Joseph-Beth Booksellers to promote her new book, Black Magic Sanction, part of The Hollows series.  The J-B event listing can be found at the Joseph-Beth website.

Although I've begun reading UF, I haven't gotten around to Kim's work yet.  (I'm working on it, I'm working on it!)  However, since we don't often get SF/F authors for book signings down this way, I figured I'd give a shout out to this one.

About This Place
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Yesterday, when I was responding to a Jon Gibbs post asking who your first commenter was, I wrote that this place gets under your skin.  Jon said that LJ inspires him to write more and better fiction, and I appreciate where he’s coming from.  The posts about writing, the interaction with other authors, and the general sense of camaraderie are a real boon if you want to be a writer.

For the fan, this place is comfortable.  The signal-to-noise ratio is pretty low, people tend not to jump up and down and scream “Look at me!” too much, and in general this is the sort of crowd you’d not mind hanging out on a Friday night with.  These aren’t the lampshade-on-head partiers, and it suits me perfectly.

There’s a certain amount of fanboyism here, and I’m guilty of that as much as the next person.  A sure sign of where I rank authors in my fanboy strata is that I’d much rather meet the authors on my reading list than a movie star anyday.  (That even includes that Hines character, who is a wild man when Coke Zero is around.  Or so I’ve been told.)  The people on LJ, however, expose a bit of themselves and their struggles, making themselves tangible in the process.  Twitter is too akin to a sound byte for my taste; an LJ post by comparison will draw you inside someone’s head for a while.

With all of the discussion about writing going on, it’s only natural that I would get the urge to start typing away.  Not that it’s a new phenomenon; I tried writing when I was younger, and when I was in Pern fandom more than a decade ago I turned to fanfic.  Given the passage of time –and innumerable online posts later- I was surprised to find the twitching in my fingers coming back.

Satisfying that urge hasn’t been easy.  Some of it leached away by keeping this LJ current.  Another part of it has been devoted to the World of Warcraft blog I was invited to join several months ago.  Still, there has been enough left over that I’ve returned to pounding the keyboard, thinking of story, plot, and character development.

Any writing I do is purely for fun.  I hold no illusions about my strengths and weaknesses; while a good coder is similar in outlook to an author, the details are different.  I don’t see the possibilities for the words like I see in code.  Not to say that I can’t learn to fit the pieces together, but I’m realistic about my skill.  Besides, I see writing on a daily basis that puts my own scribbling to shame, and I’d much rather read that stuff than my own scrawl.

What I’d like to be able to say, however, is that I actually finished something.  I don’t really care if it’s terrible, just being able to say that I wrote a story from beginning to end is enough for me.  Maybe sometime a different urge will strike and I will want to submit a story or two, but I’m not too worried about that; LJ hasn’t gotten that far under my skin.


Listen to The Author Hour (Episode 12: High Fantasy)
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Listen to The Author Hour (Episode 12: High Fantasy)

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This is of interest because of who the guests are:

L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Carol Berg
Dennis L. McKiernan
Diana Pharaoh Francis (difrancis )

It'll be on Thursday January 14th, 12PM EST.

Congrats to Di!


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