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Redbeard's Journal

Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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ghost of redbeard
Under the heading of "tell us something we don't know," I give you this:

New Survey Says Cost Cutting Has Damaged Worker Morale

In other news, I heard that the sun rose in the east today...

What I Learned Before Noon Today
  • If you start getting up at 5 AM so you can work out before getting the kids up for school, you're going to wake up at 5 AM on Saturday as well.
  • There aren't very many people on WoW at 5 AM.  (Which is probably good for me -the noob- to find my way around without being subjected to duel requests.)
  • I now know how to handle character death in WoW.
  • (Did I mention I started playing WoW?  Maybe I should write something about that.)
  • I start talking to the computer screen when I'm working through a crit for a friend.
  • I thought I had no life, but one of my coworkers sent me an e-mail complaining about their account access on a particular server at 11:23 PM.  ::headdesk::
  • Our oldest is finally feeling better after having been laid low most of the week by some gastrointestinal distress.  I know she's feeling better because she's yelling at her younger sister (4.5 year difference) about wanting privacy while she's taking a shower.  Ah, the onset of adolescence.
  • My wife handed me an article she clipped out of the morning paper about what college freshmen don't know.  You know, things like Magic Johnson playing for the Lakers before he was HIV positive, there was a time before Rap was mainstream, the was a time before the Cartoon Network, they've never seen a show that began with  "Heeeere's Johnny!"  Stuff designed to make me feel old, essentially.

Wednesday IT Humor
ghost of redbeard

If you've ever been in IT, go read Working Daze for today.  Hell, even if you haven't but had to help a family member or friend with their computer.

It Hurts! It Hurts! Make it stop!
ghost of redbeard

There's a particular part of hell for people who give others nasty earworms.

You know what an earworm is, don't you? A song that you can't get out of your head. Sometimes it's a good song, but more often than not it's a bad one. (Think MacArthur's Park... Oops, sorry about that.)

Anyway, I managed to get one from jimhineson this thread, but at least I returned the favor. (Read the thread and you'll see, but if you know what to look for on the list he generated -and knowing my age- you can probably guess the earworm before you find my entry in the thread.)

I love my wife; she's a wonderful person who I'm happy to have been married to these 15 years. That said, I had a nasty urge to throttle her when she gave me the doozy of an earworm from a song that I only vaguely remembered at best: Afternoon Delight. If she hadn't sat me down to see that freaking video, I wouldn't be going insane right now. I swear, this makes I'd Really Love to See You by England Dan and John Ford Coley look like Cherry Pie by Warrant.

Last night, a day after the fateful earworm invaded my head, I was reading The Well of Ascension.  Do you know how annoying it is reading a book like that with that blankety-blank song running through your head?  I have GOT to get rid of this thing.

The Mom Song
ghost of redbeard

Okay, it's not like this has been getting ignored on Youtube or something, but The Mom Song drew a few chuckles from my wife and I.  To be honest, it could also be called The Dad Song, given that I've said plenty of those things myself, and we don't even have kids that are teenagers yet.

There's a couple of versions of the video out there, but we happened to like this one the best.

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