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The Anti-Frazetta
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You don't even need to have played RPGs, MMOs, or gone LARPing to enjoy this:

Friday Humor
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For my friends who play RPGs and MMORPGs:

Recipe Alert - Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffles
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I may not mention it too much here, but I have a double life (of sorts).

I'm a bit of a gamer, and one of the games that I play is World of Warcraft (aka WoW).  Because of my WoW habit, I also have another gig as a blogger in the WoW-blogosphere.

One of my fellow WoW bloggers, Vidyala of Manalicious, also is a bit of a chef.  She occasionally posts recipes that she's "converted" to WoW terms (with her WoW character Millya as the chef), but puts the regular Earth ingredients in parenthesis.  Back when she was running the Pugging Pally* blog, she posted recipes for Cinnamon Bun Frost Cookies and Fiery Red Lentil Soup.  This time, with the Christmas Season rapidly approaching, she came up with Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffles.

Check out this photo:

I seriously think she outdid herself this time.

P.S. Oh, and did I mention she's a bit of an artist?

P.P.S. Yeah, three posts in one day. What was I thinking?

*"Pugging Pally" is a combination of WoW terms.  Pally = Paladin, a Holy Warrior who wields the power of the Light to defeat demons and undead.  Pugging stands for people who run dungeons in random Pick Up Groups, or PUGs.  Vid was trying to bring a Paladin character from 1st level all the way through to 80th level doing nothing but pugging.  Her adventures were nothing if not hilarious.  She has since put the blog in mothballs, as her character (or toon, as they're called) is at max level, and she writes more about her main character (Millya) these days.

Beverage Alert
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Okay, you have been warned.  Also, it's PG-13, so hide it from the kiddies.

This is from one of the World of Warcraft blogs that I read.  (No, you don't have to play the game to appreciate this, otherwise I'd post it on the WoW blog I co-author.)

Miss Medicina's Blog: Off Topic but Hilarious

WoW May Have Mountain Dew...
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...but D&D has Jones Sodas!

Honestly, these look pretty cool.  Mt. Dew should take notice and create some more interesting cans.

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