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What, it's July Already?
ghost of redbeard
It's been a long time.

Summer has been, well, Summer.

Cold, then rainy, and now hot and melty.

The A/C went out in the van, and it required way too many Ben Franklins to fix it.  However, the mildew smell is officially gone from the van, so we get a side benefit from the repair.

Since school (and then Halloween!) is on the horizon, I've been doing some scouting for cloth for the kids' costumes.  The oldest wants to hang around as Tauriel (from the upcoming Hobbit movie), and she wants a Jedi robe.  The youngest wants to go as Asajj Ventress (Star Wars character), so that'll be a bit rough to handle.  My son, on the other hand, has an easy job:  Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor.

I went and looked at cloth at Jo-Ann tonight with the kids, and we've got the basic ideas down for Tauriel an the Jedi robe, but I'm going to have to dig deeper for Ventress.


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(Deleted comment)
I'm the best we've got in the house as far as sewing goes, so I have to think ahead. Yeah, there's a danger of a sudden growth spurt (or in the case of our oldest, a sudden spurt towards womanhood with a sudden flaring of the hips and other stuff) but I'll take the risk.

Will you be sewing these costumes? I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out. :)

I'm planning on sewing them. It'll be good practice for me, and to be honest it'd be cheaper than buying anything halfway decent.

Ahh yeah, costuming. I do hope you let the kids do a little bit of the construction. Sewing is a very useful skill to have.

They look at it as another power tool. I think I can convince them to get involved.

It is just another type of construction, except with non-ridged materials.

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