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Redbeard's Journal

Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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A Short Blurb
ghost of redbeard
I think there's something here, and I wanted to write it down before I went (back) to sleep.


"What the hell is wrong with me? Do I have some sort of cosmic kick-me taped to my back?"

"It's the magic in you, wanting to come out."

I scooted away, just a smidge. "You've been hitting the bottle. I don't have any--"

"--Yes you do. I can see it on you, like a silvery sheen in the darkness. The magic is there, lying dormant, but it wants to come out. So it tries to force its way out of you."

"Now I know you're crazy.  Everyone knows only the Gifted can see...." My voice trailed off as I watched him stretch out, snag a cup, and pour some port into it. No, he can't be.

He set the cup in front of me, held up the flask in a tired salute, and took a swig. "You're finally paying attention," he said, collapsing back into his chair.

Oh Gods. My day just went from bad to worse.

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At first i thought it was a great beginning, but then i thought it might be a complete story all on it's own. Well done.

Thanks, but I think you should be thanking my subconscious.

You know, I had no idea that it would work well as short short fiction. I was groggy, but the damn thing had popped into my head and wouldn't let me alone.

So, I ran to the computer and typed it in, although "running" is probably more in my head than in reality.

I love it when that happens.

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