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Redbeard's Journal

Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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Autumn Musings
ghost of redbeard
Fall has arrived, and with it marching band season, late nights for homework, and (for me, anyway) late nights staying up while other people do their homework.

But at least I can sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, drink some coffee, and (try to) chill for a little while.

I'd also be grilling a lot in the brisk weather, but the grill died.*  I've been limping along using the old bullet smoker that I have, but it's not the greatest for grilling.  And since I've no patio in the backyard, only a deck, I'm sure some of the neighbors now think I've got full redneck on them by grilling in my driveway, but it's for safety's sake.  (Really!)

What I really need, however, is an afternoon doze. I've not had one of those in a while, and it sounds like an awesome idea.

*The exterior of the grill was stainless steel, but the firebox was porcelain coated steel, and over seven years the thing rusted out completely. The price of replacing the firebox was about the cost of replacing the grill, and I've been thinking about switching back to charcoal anyway, so I've been sitting on the fence.