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Redbeard's Journal

Seriously. I have red hair and a beard. What did you expect?

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What This Morning is Like
ghost of redbeard
I'm sitting at the table, editing some documents for my job, while the Boss is in another room reconciling finances.

I hear a frustrated sigh, open my mouth, and shut it with a snap. No.I'm SO not going to get into the middle of that one.

Then she elicits an "Oh!" and the waves of tension in the house dissipate.

Or it could be the sun burning off the morning fog.  Either way.

Another "Oh!" and a sigh with a sharp edge to it. "Dear? Do you have a calculator? I'm going to need one to figure this out." Not a request so much as a demand.

My eyes flick over to the TI-30 next to the phone, wince, and reach for it.

She's still muttering when I deliver the calculator, her attention on a pile of slips and a balance sheet. I think there was a "Thanks" in the middle of that stream of consciousness, but I'm not certain.

Retreating into standard operating procedures never sounded so good. Hell, even taxes would be better right now.